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Namaste Peeps

I’m a certified Yoga Instructor based in Paynesville, MN. While I’ve practiced yoga randomly for years I decided to learn more about the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga in January 2020.  We all know how 2020 turned out!  It was probably the best possible time for me to learn to be present, breathe through stressful times and take care of myself.  I am excited to share what I learned with you!
I have my Yoga Alliance certification that I received through Holy Yoga Global.  My Christian faith is at the core of who I am so learning how to incorporate the limbs of yoga keeping my centering on God was such a gift!  I realize there are Christians who may not agree with me and that’s okay!  I am happy to meet you all wherever you are.  

What makes The Anchored Soul unique from other Yoga Studios is that I offer classes tailored to your group or venue. Have a group of Jesus loving ladies who want to bring yoga into your study with an anchoring passage let me know!  If you are part of a book club that wants to learn about yoga before enjoying a glass of wine (that order recommend) or a group of guys that hang out in the shed who want to keep your baseball playing bodies balanced from injury, I have a class for you.  I can comfortably say I will meet you on your mat where you are and create a class experience that will support your decision to live through a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul.  
Throughout this site, especially on my blog page, I will be sharing  information about all three.  A healthy mind, body and soul.  While yoga is one method to maintain that equilibrium for me, what I will encourage for you is to understand who you are and what YOU need flow throughout the trifecta! 
#healthymind #healthybody #healthysoul 

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Warrior One

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"


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16018 Lake Koronis Rd, Paynesville MN 56362 


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