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A Little More About Me

Mother, Daughter, Sister

I am a mother, daughter and sister biologically and a lover of the nature, solitude and peace created through God's beautiful works.  

I am a educator by trade.  I began my career working with students with special needs.  I grew into an administrative leadership position and have the opportunity to lead an organization of talented and committed individuals who give selflessly every day to the students they serve.  

Yoga has served as a grounding force for me throughout many challenges of life from divorce, spiritual disconnect and reconnection, and discovery of my authentic self.  I learned the importance pairing meditation (the act of listening) with the practice of prayer.  I am learning the art of breath work and love the rewarding challenge of engaging my body in a purposeful and meaningful way.  

You will find me sharing strategies and reminders to be a well rounded individual with a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul.  This is how I become anchored to weather the storms of life to grow and thrive.  I am excited to share what I have learned with all of you!

About Me: About Me
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