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Living Anchored

Hello Friends! I want to introduce you to an amazing human being who has captured the essence of a healthy mind, body and soul! This is my friend Jen! Jen is finishing up a 17 day hiking trip along the Superior Hiking Trail starting by Grand Marais and ending through Duluth. That’s a looooot of hiking. 310 miles actually!

Here’s what so amazing about Jen and this accomplishment. She has a full time career, a husband, and two kids. All of these could be reasons not to be gone for 17 days with little to no contact. Not with Jen! From the moment I learned about her why, it all made sense. Jen explained how she felt the need to explore in her soul. She was filled with determination and drive. She knew if she didn’t listen and kept pushing that burning in her soul aside it would fester in an unhealthy way. How many times do we silence a passion and stifle a dream?!

As we starting hiking together in preparation of her trip I learned more about how Jen communicated her passion to those around her and gained the support of those most important to her (her husband, kids and boss). We talked about her planning, her ideas, her good friend from Hawaii who flew in to hike with her and how she was going to prepare her body to hike at least 20 miles every day. She was preparing!

Equally as important, we talked about how she could prepare her mind for this adventure in front of her. You should know, Jen is the definition of a people person. An extrovert to her core! On a trail that is 310 miles, seeing people to interact with is no guarantee. She knew this would take mental preparedness as well!

This weekend, we will learn if Jen ultimately accomplished her goal! I have no doubt!

Here’s what I think is so amazing. As I think about a healthy mind, body and soul this is a living example. Listening to your core, your inner drive and your passion is powerful! It doesn’t come without hard work physically and mentally. I can think of a number of things I have attempted because I really wanted to accomplish the task (learning to play the guitar for example) and set it aside because I didn’t prioritize my goal. I put the time elsewhere, felt the physical discomfort and “took a break”. I give myself grace but it’s difficult not to look back and wonder where I’d be today if had given focus, energy and priority to the task.

This is the inspiration that I want to share with you. She’s a real person with a genuine soul. She listened to the fire in her soul, trusted the preparation she was able to do for her body and used her mindset to continue to move forward. I see this as a live testimony of being Anchored. Mind, body and soul!

What’s your Superior Hiking Trail?

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