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Session Idea

Below are three existing classes available for request for your small group session.

Yoga Class
Meditation Class
Pilates Stretches

Sunrise, Sunrise

Start your day with your face to the sunshine.

This class is designed to start your morning off with 45 minutes of body engagement and 15 minutes to feed your soul.

Rise Up

Wrap up your day with this empowering class to find your strength through movement, breath and presence.

This class encourages you to focus on your internal strength to rise up.  Whether you need to harness the energy surrounding you, build upon the spark or find a flicker to build upon we will focus on your strength through movement and breath.

Settle the Soul

Gentle and restorative poses to allow the connective tissues of our bodies to relax and release.

This class will challenge your resolve to release and let go.  Often times, we carry what we cannot release in our bodies.  Work, relationships, life, public and private stressors come at us daily.  If we do not process them as they come, we can carry them in our muscles and joints.  This class challenges the pause and release.

Sessions for a Small Group of Yogi's: Classes
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